July 19, 2024

A Lavish Getaway: Brazil’s Splendid Pousadas

For our dream honeymoon, we yearned for an extravagant escape in an exotic faraway land. My husband and I settled on Brazil, lured by visions of pristine beaches, verdant rainforests and vibrant culture. However, we sought lodging beyond the ordinary. That led us to Brazil’s unique luxury boutique hotels known as pousadas.

Pousadas are intimate Brazilian boutique hotels, often historic haciendas or farmhouses with up to 30 rooms. Ornately decorated, pousadas emphasize impeccable service, gourmet cuisine utilizing local ingredients, and experiences connecting guests to surrounding nature or culture. Although pricey, staying in one epitomizes a luxurious getaway.

Our first pousada was an 18th-century coffee estate in western São Paulo state, nestled in the rainforest. From our private balcony, we glimpsed toucans and monkeys. The estate grew organic produce used in delectable daily meals. We rode horses, hiked jungle trails, and had massages in open-air bungalows. At night, we stargazed in the old garden, serenaded by a waterfall.

On Brazil’s Emerald Coast, we stayed in a beachfront pousada styled like an Arabian palace, with arches, tile and marble accents. Our room had sea vistas and an enormous jacuzzi. The staff outnumbered guests, lavishing us with chilled champagne and fresh tropical fruit. We sunbathed, sailed and snorkeled, returning to candlelit beach dinners and strolling the sand hand-in-hand at dusk.

In Bahia, an eccentrically adorned pousada occupied an old convent. Samba and bossa nova music wafted through courtyards festooned with antiques and art. The cuisine incorporated African and Portuguese influences. We learned Brazilian dance, watched capoeira martial arts, and made colorful wishing bracelets with locals.

The pousadas personalized, pampered experience enchanted us. By journey’s end, tanned, rejuvenated and pounds heavier thanks to sumptuous meals, we felt we had truly escaped into a fantasy. Pousadas acquainted us with Brazil’s vibrant culture, sublime scenery and convivial people in a way a traditional luxury hotel never could. For an indulgent getaway like no other, we highly recommend Brazil’s splendid pousadas.