June 21, 2024

10 reasons to visit Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Lance & David

1. Best Location –  looking to savor the best caipirinha in Rio?  We feel it can be found in one of the best bar in all of Rio de Janeiro; Armazem Sao Thiago..but know to the locals in Santa Teresa simply as Bar do Gomez.  Located just one block from Casa Cool Beans, this institution has been around for more than 90 years, serving up the coldest choppe (draft beer), best mixed caipirinha and lots of local characters; not to be missed!

2. Art –  Santa Teresa is the artist haven in the hills overlooking the beaches and Rio.  Find the Atelier Chamego Bonzolandia, a trolley-shaped workshop (Rua Aurea at the Montreal Supermercado) where Getulio Damado fashions trash into art.  Starting at R$10 you can’t go wrong!

3. Thrill – ride the bonde, stepping back in time, or so it seems when boarding the little yellow tram which winds it’s way from Centro (downtown Rio) over the Lapa arches and up the hills of Santa Teresa and back again. Just R$.60 per ride.

4. Best meals–  for the best food, view and atmosphere all in one, reservations at Aprazivel; the super hot restaurant in Santa Teresa!  Not to be missed!

5. People –  the streets of Santa Teresa are overflowing on weekends with people from all walks of life, which is ideal for people watching and bumping elbows with some of the local people and artists, who are very welcoming.

6. Architecture – wondering the cobblestone streets of Santa Teresa, you will see some of the most beautiful turn of the century homes and buildings.

7. Selaron Steps –  the mosaic stairs that have been featured in music videos (Snoop Dog), used as the finishing line for Amazing Race, fashion shoots and so much more start here in Santa Teresa and 200+ stairs later lead you to Lapa. The Chilean Artist, Selaron, can be found there most days working away on his masterpiece, which he says will only be completed when he dies.  Simply fabulous!!

8. Music – Santa Teresa is only a short ride from Lapa where you can listen and dance till the early hours to the best samba and chorinho in town. But there is also lots of spontaneous music in local bars and restaurants in Santa Teresa itself and once a month amazing jazz by Alma Thomas and band.

9. Deals – you get more space for your money in Santa Teresa pousadas than you would in pousadas in beach areas of Rio and usually the experience of staying in a beautifully refurbished mansion.

10. Our pousada!Casa Cool Beans is number on TripAdvisor for all B&B’s in Rio de Janeiro!  Yet our prices our some of the lowest!  We will make sure your trip to Rio is not just comfortable, informative, and enjoyable…we guarantee it to be “cool beans”!!