May 25, 2024

10 reasons to visit Praia do Patacho & Vila do Patacho, Alagoas

1. Deserted beaches with turquoise seas and natural swimming pools right outside Vila do Patacho

2. Carro Quebrado Beach, well known for its beautiful and colorful cliffs

3.  Visiting the observatories of the region and going on guided tours

4. The sanctuary of the manatees marine environmental projects to preserve the species

5.  A walk to the unforgettable and enchanted Tatuamunha river

6. The beautiful artisan crafts – furniture, artwork, jewellery, shoes, textiles all made with the natural resources from the region: banana leaf, bamboo, leather, straw and coconut.

7. Horseback riding, hiking and biking around the local area

8. Kayaking in the crystal and calm waters of the river or sea where you will come face to face with a turtles and manatees.  The sea is excellent for stand up paddle, boat rides, snorkeling for kids as well.

9. Fishing and listening to amazing conversations of fishermen and their mermaids! Fishing is a tradition in this city. Even when there is no light from the moon at night, the fishermen tie straws, kindle the fire and continue to catch fish.

10. Our pousada! Vila do Patacho, Praia do Patacho a little slice of paradise, where you come to unwind.  You can get a massage looking out on to the beach and listen to the sea healing your soul and body. We also have a personal trainer specialized in CORE and stretch to bring some energy to your life. We have inaugurated our gym studio and classes include climbing the coconut tree!