May 25, 2024

10 reasons to visit Peninsula de Maraú Bahia and stay at Dreamland Bungalows by Jan

1) 50 kms of deserted beaches that will take your breath away

2) Surfing is amazing here you can reef break and beach break surf

3) Take a boat trip to the beautiful islands around the peninsula

4) Go kayaking on Rio Carapitangui

5) Rent a quadbike and explore the hidden corners of this amazing peninsula with   Dreamlands “secret” map

6) Go snorkeling in the astonishing natural pools of Taipú de Fora

7) Watch the wonderful sunset on Ponta do Muta or at Rio Carapitangui

8) Visit the waterfalls of Tremembe

9) Enjoy the great food and refreshing drinks at Dreamland Bar

10) Stay at Dreamland Bungalows beach front on one of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches and discover that the place of your dreams exists!