Recommended Pousadas by State


Pousada Côté Sud Pousada: Pousada Côté Sud
Description: designer-chic bungalow accommodation with infinity pool overlooking beach
Price Category: $$$

Pousada da Amendoeira Pousada: Pousada da Amendoeira
Description: boutique eco accommodation with gourmet food on fab deserted Toque beach
Price Category: $$$$

Pousada Patacho Pousada: Pousada Patacho
Description: tropical french style boutique hotel on palm fringed deserted beach
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Riacho dos Milagres Pousada: Pousada Riacho dos Milagres
Description: friendly, family run pousada with great pool, right on the beach
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Xuê Pousada: Pousada Xuê
Description: Great new guesthouse right on Patacho beach with wonderful gourmet food
Price Category: $$$$

Praiagogi Boutique Pousada Pousada: Praiagogi Boutique Pousada
Description: Fabulous beachside boutique guesthouse with gourmet food at the start of the ecological route of Alagoas
Price Category: $$$

Vila do Patacho Pousada: Vila do Patacho
Description: Beautiful artistic boutique guesthouse with loft-style villas, right on Patacho beach
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Villages Pousada: Pousada Villages
Description: Friendly bed & breakfast guesthouse with pool only moments from beautiful Lage beach
Price Category: $$$


Pousada Bela Vista Pousada: Pousada Bela Vista
Description: lovely guest house bed & breakfast with pool on banks of the river Negro
Price Category: $

Pousada Uacari Pousada: Pousada Uacari
Description: floating lodge in the Mamiraua reserve- home of the uacari monkey
Price Category: $$$


Alcino Estalagem Pousada: Alcino Estalagem
Description: beautiful colonial-style inn in Lençois with great atmosphere + best breakfast in Brazil
Price Category: $

Butterfly House Bahia Pousada: Butterfly House Bahia
Description: rustic-chic luxury boutique hotel with great pool right on the beach
Price Category: $$$

Casa Bobô Eco-Pousada Pousada: Casa Bobô Eco-Pousada
Description: Small rustic chic eco guesthouse in the hills above Moreré beach with breathtaking views
Price Category: $$

Casa do Amarelindo Pousada: Casa do Amarelindo
Description: an oasis of luxury and calm in the heart of the historical centre
Price Category: $$$

Casa Inglesa Boutique Guest House Pousada: Casa Inglesa Boutique Guest House
Description: Lovely new boutique guesthouse in Barra beach area of Salvador
Price Category: $$

Casarão Alto Mucugê Pousada: Casarão Alto Mucugê
Description: rustic bohemian chic pousada with amazing seaviews
Price Category: $$$

Dreamland Bungalows Pousada: Dreamland Bungalows
Description: Great family run pousada located right on Taipus de Fora beach, one of the best beaches in Brazil
Price Category: $$$

Loin de Tout Guest House Pousada: Loin de Tout Guest House
Description: quiet elegant beachside pousada in the small fishing village of Corumbau
Price Category: $$

Pousada A Mangueira Pousada: Pousada A Mangueira
Description: lush gardens and hidden tranquility only a minute from Morere beach
Price Category: $$

Pousada Bambu Dourado Pousada: Pousada Bambu Dourado
Description: lovely guesthouse with great restaurant only moments from Taipus de Fora beach
Price Category: $$

Pousada Capim Santo Pousada: Pousada Capim Santo
Description: beautiful Quadrado pousada in lush gardens with gourmet restaurant
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Encanto da Lua Pousada: Pousada Encanto da Lua
Description: delightful beachfront hotel with great pool and Japanese/Brazilian flavour in Taipu de Fora
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Estrela do Mar Pousada: Pousada Estrela do Mar
Description: simple, charming and convenient place to stay close to Barra beach
Price Category: $

Pousada Lagoa das Cores Pousada: Pousada Lagoa das Cores
Description: charm + warmth set amidst spectacular scenery of Vale do Capão
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Lagoa do Cassange Pousada: Pousada Lagoa do Cassange
Description: Great eco-lodge offering sophisticated informality in individual bungalows right on the beach
Price Category: $$

Pousada Mata N\'Ativa Pousada: Pousada Mata N'Ativa
Description: totally zen..fabulous chalets with pool & tropical gardens
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Paraíso Verde Pousada: Pousada Paraíso Verde
Description: artistic, rustic-chic, exclusive and totally hidden beach front pousada in Barra do Sargi
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Santa Clara Pousada: Pousada Santa Clara
Description: the guesthouse where Hidden Pousadas Brazil began: total paradise!
Price Category: $$

Pousada Tãnara Pousada: Pousada Tãnara
Description: great bed and breakfast with ocean views & superb surfing
Price Category: $$

Pousada Terra Morena Pousada: Pousada Terra Morena
Description: lovely 8 bungalow guesthouse on banks of the river in sleepy Santo Andre village
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Vila Serrano Pousada: Pousada Vila Serrano
Description: colonial style eco-friendly bed & breakfast in Lencois, Chapada Diamantina, Brazil
Price Category: $$

SoleLuna Casas e Pousada Pousada: SoleLuna Casas e Pousada
Description: friendly Italian run guesthouse with fantastic breakfast and great location
Price Category: $$$

Vila dos Orixás Boutique Hotel Pousada: Vila dos Orixás Boutique Hotel
Description: beautiful bungalows and huge pool right on Praia do Encanto beach
Price Category: $$$

Vilangelim Eco-pousada Pousada: Vilangelim Eco-pousada
Description: wonderful eco-lodge near the beach with great pool & restaurant
Price Category: $$$

Villa Tranquila Pousada: Villa Tranquila
Description: Beautiful villa for rent for up to 6 people
Price Category: $$$$$

Pousada Areia Branca Pousada: Pousada Areia Branca
Description: great pousada a block from the beach recommended for families and budget travellers
Price Category: $

Pousada O Céu de Boipeba Pousada: Pousada O Céu de Boipeba
Description: Beautiful guesthouse up in the Boipeba hills with backdrop of atlantic rainforest and ocean views
Price Category: $$

Vila Barracuda Boutique Hotel Pousada: Vila Barracuda Boutique Hotel
Description: beautiful new boutique pousada in the heart of Itacaré with great pool & views
Price Category: $$$$

B&B Bela Bahia Pousada: B&B Bela Bahia
Description: laid back tranquility in great beach front bed and breakfast
Price Category: $$


Kite Brazil Hotel Pousada: Kite Brazil Hotel
Description: Kitesurfers' heaven: lovely friendly pousada with pool only moments from the beach
Price Category: $$

Pousada Casa Zulu Pousada: Pousada Casa Zulu
Description: Laid back friendly beach pousada right near the centre of Icaraizinho village
Price Category: $$


Pousada Sossego do Cantinho Pousada: Pousada Sossego do Cantinho
Description: beautiful small pousada right on the banks of the River Preguiças
Price Category: $$

Casa Lavínia Pousada: Casa Lavínia
Description: Beautifully refurbished colonial mansion in the historical centre of São Luís
Price Category: $$

Mato Grosso

Cristalino  Lodge Pousada: Cristalino Lodge
Description: wonderful luxury eco-lodge in the middle of Cristalino Amazon jungle reserve
Price Category: $$$$$

Pousada do Rio Mutum Pousada: Pousada do Rio Mutum
Description: Great Pantanal eco-lodge in a birdwatcher's paradise
Price Category: $$$$

Mato Grosso do Sul

Pousada Galeria Artes Pousada: Pousada Galeria Artes
Description: eco-friendly guesthouse with artistic flavour and fabulous breakfasts
Price Category: $

Pousada Olho d\'Água Pousada: Pousada Olho d'Água
Description: beautiful eco-lodge in extensive grounds with great pool, 3km from Bonito
Price Category: $$

Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua Pousada: Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua
Description: Working ranch with great wildlife on edge of Pantanal near Miranda
Price Category: $$

Fazenda San Francisco Pousada: Fazenda San Francisco
Description: Working farm in the heart of the Pantanal with incredible flora and fauna
Price Category: $$$$

Minas Gerais

Fazenda Santa Marina Pousada: Fazenda Santa Marina
Description: beautiful guesthouse in refurbished 19th century fazenda with fabulous spa
Price Category: $$$$

Pousada de Selva Mato Limpo Pousada: Pousada de Selva Mato Limpo
Description: rustic pousada in hills of the Serra da Mantiquera, perfect for nature and adventure
Price Category: $$$


Hotel BeloAlter Pousada: Hotel BeloAlter
Description: beautiful eco-lodge on the beach, close to Alter do Chão
Price Category: $$

Rio Grande do Norte

Chalé Oasis Pousada: Chalé Oasis
Description: pastel coloured chalets, with nice pool, close to the jetty
Price Category: $$

Kaná Pousada de Charme Pousada: Kaná Pousada de Charme
Description: Designer-chic hotel with 5* luxury and the spirit of a pousada
Price Category: $$$$$

Pousada Sabambugi Pousada: Pousada Sabambugi
Description: Beautiful bamboo suites, overlooking the sea and the beach of Sagi
Price Category: $$

Rio de Janeiro

B&B O Veleiro Pousada: B&B O Veleiro
Description: lovely bed and breakfast nestling on the hillside above Botafogo beach
Price Category: $$

Casa Colonial 12 Pousada: Casa Colonial 12
Description: High design inside beautiful colonial house in historic centre of Paraty
Price Category: $$$$

Casa Cool Beans Pousada: Casa Cool Beans
Description: design bed and breakfast in bohemian Santa Teresa with great pool for chilling
Price Category: $$$

Casa Cool Beans Flats Pousada: Casa Cool Beans Flats
Description: Ipanema apartments with a personal touch two blocks from the beach
Price Category: $$$

Casa Florence Pousada: Casa Florence
Description: chic pop-up B&B in Rio: fab views & only 7 mins walk Leblon beach
Price Category: $$$

Marta\'s Rio Guesthouse Pousada: Marta's Rio Guesthouse
Description: penthouse guesthouse right on Copacabana beach with incredible views
Price Category: $$$$

Pousada Aratinga Inn Pousada: Pousada Aratinga Inn
Description: beautiful hidden gem in Abraão on tropical Ilha Grande island
Price Category: $$$

Pousada do Ouro Pousada: Pousada do Ouro
Description: beautiful pousada in colonial mansion in historic centre of Paraty
Price Category: $$$$

Pousada Fazendinha Búzios Pousada: Pousada Fazendinha Búzios
Description: Beautiful new pousada offering gracious country living close to the best Buzios beaches
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Naturália Pousada: Pousada Naturália
Description: peace and comfort in harmony with nature and views to die for in Abraão
Price Category: $$

Pousada Vila do Mar Pousada: Pousada Vila do Mar
Description: Beautiful leafy pousada with sea views only moments from Rua das Pedras
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Vivenda Pousada: Pousada Vivenda
Description: small award winning rustic-chic boutique hotel, with tropical design
Price Category: $$$

Vila Pedra Mar Pousada: Vila Pedra Mar
Description: exclusive luxury ocean-front boutique hotel on Praia Vermelha with spectacular views
Price Category: $$$$

Villa Botanic Blue Pousada: Villa Botanic Blue
Description: gorgeous new bed and breakfast with great pool overlooking botanical gardens, lagoon & Christ
Price Category: $$$$

Pousada Santa Fé de Penedo Pousada: Pousada Santa Fé de Penedo
Description: mexican style pousada with a spectacular view of Serra da Mantequeira
Price Category: $$

Resort Croce del Sud Pousada: Resort Croce del Sud
Description: charming 3 chalé guesthouse with spectacular ocean views only 10 kms from Paraty
Price Category: $$$

Casa da Luz Búzios Guest House Pousada: Casa da Luz Búzios Guest House
Description: Small British run B&B with big personality and fab views
Price Category: $$

Santa Catarina

Ponta da Piteira Boutique Hotel Pousada: Ponta da Piteira Boutique Hotel
Description: rustic-chic boutique hotel with spectacular views over the lagoons in Ibiraquera
Price Category: $$$$$

Pousada Caminho do Rei Pousada: Pousada Caminho do Rei
Description: Beautiful rustic-chic guesthouse surrounded by nature with great pool and views to die for
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Vila Tamarindo Eco Lodge Pousada: Pousada Vila Tamarindo Eco Lodge
Description: Great eco-lodge near Campeche beach only 10 min from Florianópolis airport
Price Category: $$$

São Paulo

Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel Pousada: Ilha de Toque Toque Boutique Hotel
Description: Boutique hotel with charm, simplicity, service & fabulous ocean views
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Canto Bravo Pousada: Pousada Canto Bravo
Description: Great beachfront eco-pousada only accessible by boat or 12km hike
Price Category: $$

Pousada da Fazenda Pousada: Pousada da Fazenda
Description: Beautiful country fazenda dating back to 19th century and Brazilian coffee boom
Price Category: $$$

Pouso Caminho das Artes Pousada: Pouso Caminho das Artes
Description: comfort and style in Vila Rica close to Cunha's ceramic artists' circuit
Price Category: $$

Estalagem Pousada: Estalagem
Description: Charming pousada located in Camburi on the northern coast of São Paulo
Price Category: $$$

Pousada Vila Rica Pousada: Pousada Vila Rica
Description: Country-style pousada close to the centre of Cunha and all the ceramic ateliers
Price Category: $

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