Pouso do Tapeceiro, Garopaba, Santa Catarina

"beautiful pousada attached to Henrique's amazing tapestry workshop"

Pouso do Tapeceiro, Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Hidden Pousadas Brazil
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Nearest Airport: Florianopolis - 90 kms
Trip Style: Eco-tourism, Beach
Pousada Facilities: 14 bedrooms
pool, hammocks, free wi-fi
Room Facilities: 220 V; wi-fi, fans
Language(s): Spanish, Portuguese, English
Recommended attractions: swimming, surfing, pre-historic paintings, indigenous culture, hiking, flora & fauna, diving, boat trips, birding
Ideal for: solo travellers, gay friendly, friends sharing, families, couples
Price Category: $   bed and breakfast
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Note: Where pousadas are off the beaten track, Google maps only show the nearest town, and are not an accurate guide to location.

Alison's pousada review

photo, foto, Pouso do Tapeceiro, Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brasil, Hidden Pousadas BrazilI had heard great things about the Pouso do Tapeceiro (the weaver's place) and about Henrique, the master craftsman himself, but still didn't know what to expect. Nobody I spoke to had ever heard of Gamboa, and there are no comments about the pousada on Trip Advisor, so I was kind of in the same situation as you!

This is indeed a hidden place, and to get here without a car you will either have to get one of the very irregular buses (only 4 a day) from Florianopolis, or get an intercity bus in the direction of Porto Alegre, get off at Paulo Lopes and taxi from there. However once you are here you are in for a wonderful surprise. The seven suites in the pousada are all  newly built and light and airy and set in a fabulous park of 10,000 sq mtrs, but none are the same. All have en-suite bathrooms and great views of the gardens or the bay but some have kitchens, some don't; some have seperate bedrooms for kids, some have bunk beds, some just have a double bed. Just tell Henrique what you want and he will try to organise it. Once you have settled in you'll find the TV and DVD room in Henrique's atelier- an amazing place full of his looms and wall hangings and rugs, which show just what a true artist can achieve using almost entirely recycled materials- trash, leftover fabrics and threads, natural materials and beach detritus.

I came thinking this would be more a place for students or "new age" travellers, and indeed you may well have to make your own bed, bring your own soap and ask for new bedsheets and towels as needed. But Henrique's idea is that you should feel entirely at home, cook in the apartment if you prefer, borrow the DVDs if you want to watch a film, do one of the many courses they run or just chill out  by the pool or on the beach nearby. For people who appreciate art and nature and peace and tranquility, or who like bird watching, whalewatching or sandboarding, and of course for those who want to learn to weave, this place is really hard to beat.

About the location

photo, foto, Pouso do Tapeceiro, Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brasil, Hidden Pousadas BrazilThe Pouso do Tapeceiro is located up a short hill just as you come into Gamboa, a small fishing village of only 350 inhabitants, 90 kms south of Florianopolis and around 15 kms north of the better known beach resort  and former whaling station of  Garopaba.

Although Gamboa beach itself is nothing spectacular this is an area of immense natural beauty and there are wonderful walks along the sand to Guarda do Embaú beach and the Lençois Gamboenses plus treks over to Siriú beach and up into the nearby state park of Serra do Tabuleiro. For birding aficionados there is a great canoe trip through the Lagoa do Coração to the bird sanctuary island, and for those interested in prehistoric paintings some of the best in Brazil can be found on the Ilha do Coral which lies just in front of Gamboa. However the real attraction for most is the arrival (and show!) of the right whales in July, which stay until end October. 

Gamboa is altogether an amazing, and totally hidden place, a very long way from any kind of mass tourism, and the Pouso do Tapeceiro is very special. My trip coincided with torrential rain and I still loved it. I can't wait to return in the sun.

Not to be missed

photo, foto, Pouso do Tapeceiro, Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brasil, Hidden Pousadas Brazil

  • right whale watching- July/October
  • trekking over to Siriu beach
  • walking along beach to Guarda do Embau
  • sandboarding on Siriu dunes
  • eating barbecued fish at Dezinha's
  • visit to bird sanctuary in Lagoa do Coracao
  • Lencois gamboenses- dunes and lakes
  • prehistoric paintings on Ilha do Coral
Pousada Starpoints
  • Henrique's atelier
  • fabulous views over the bay
  • location high up in leafy park
  • walking distance from village
  • pool surrounded by trees and flowers

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