Pousada Uacari, Tefé, Amazonas

"floating lodge in the Mamiraua reserve- home of the uacari monkey"

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R$ 792,00
(2 adults, including full board + activities)

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Nearest Airport: Tefé - 60 kms
Trip Style: Nature + Wildlife, Eco-tourism
Pousada Facilities: 10 bedrooms
laundry, hammocks, bar, restaurant, supports community projects, supports sustainable tourism, wi-fi
Language(s): Portuguese, English
Recommended attractions: walking, local handicrafts, indigenous riverside communities, hiking, flora & fauna, boat trips, birding
Ideal for: small groups, friends sharing, families, couples, solo travellers
Cards Accepted: Cash, Bank Transfer, AMEX, Mastercard , Visa
Web Site: http://www.pousadauacari.com.br
E-mail: ecoturismo@mamiraua.org.br
Skype: ecoturismo.mamiraua
Telephone: +55 97 33434160
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Alison's pousada review
photo, foto, Pousada Uacari, Tefé, Amazonas, Brasil, Hidden Pousadas BrazilPousada Uacari is an extraordinary place to stay in an extraordinary location- a floating jungle lodge in the middle of the Mamiraua reserve, deep in the Amazon rain forest, an hour and a half`s boat ride from Tefe. It is named after the elusive (at least during our trip) Uacari monkey, instantly recognisable for its alarmingly red face which is said to resemble an English man`s after sitting rather too long in the sun!

There are 10 suites here in 5 bungalows set either side of the main lodge which houses kitchen, dining area,  an upstairs library, conference and reading/video room and a veranda overlooking the river. All meals are included in the package and there is an excellent variety of local food served buffet style which guests enjoy round a large communal table. Suites are basic, there are no electricity sockets and bugs are endemic like everywhere in the Amazon, but at the same time you get a good bed, a hot solar powered shower, a good mosquito net,  and a large amount of roomspace (25 sq metres ) together with a private veranda and hammock overlooking the jungle and gently flowing river which runs down towards lake Mamiraua.

Visitors to the Mamiraua reserve  may not explore unaccompanied by a guide but as part of the ecotourism project Pousada Uacari  runs a programme of daily activities in the early morning after breakfast ( 7am) and  in the afternoon (3.30pm). These include boat trips to local communities and the Mamiraua lake plus canoe trips into the flooded forests (wet season) and jungle treks (dry season) and  talks by local researchers (e.g. on the pink and grey dolphin project) in the evening.  Apart from that you are left to your own devices and although Uacari has sola powered electricity and a generator for emergencies, it is essential to realise that light is difficult to read by without an additional torch, your mobile won`t work and there is no internet- even for the lodge itself!  If you need contact, creature comforts , conventional luxury or entertainment this is not the place to find them; if on the other hand you want to forget the world for a while, support an award-winning ecotourism project, see extraordinary flora and fauna and experience the peace which comes with purely the sounds and feeling of the all-enveloping  Amazon jungle, then you could not find a better place.

About the location
photo, foto, Pousada Uacari, Tefé, Amazonas, Brasil, Hidden Pousadas BrazilThe Mamiraua reserve is a huge area of jungle and rivers covering 11,000 sq kilometres, which is situated to the northwest of Tefe,  450kms to the northwest of Manaus. The journey between Tefe and the lodge can only be done by boat (organised by the pousada and included in the package) but between Manaus and Tefe that are 3 options; a 1.5 hour plane trip using TRIP airlines, a 12 hour “fast” speed boat which runs twice a week and a 2 day “slow” boat which runs every day except Sundays.
The reserve itself is said to be the largest protected flooded forest in the world, and one of its main attractions is the variety of flora and fauna and birds found here. Within its ecosystem there are allegedly over 300 species of fish, 79 species of reptiles, 360 types of birds and 35 species of mammals. Looking out from the lodge itself there is a huge colony of egrets with birds taking off and landing from the constantly moving clumps of vegetation in the river, and it is common to see close by both pink and grey dolphins, macaws, parrots, sloths, caymans and monkeys of various types.

The ecotourism project itself  has evolved over the last 12 or so years and its planning and development was and  is carried out following consultation and agreement between local communities, researchers and the Mamiraua Institute. The main objectives of the project are to provide accommodation for those interested in discovering the area whilst generating income for local communities, strengthening their organisation and creating incentives for communities to promote the conservation of the natural resources of the area. Income comes from the purchase of local products, produce and services and profits are divided between local communities, official bodies policing of the area, and the upkeep of the pousada itself.
Not to be missed
photo, foto, Pousada Uacari, Tefé, Amazonas, Brasil, Hidden Pousadas Brazil
  • Visits to the local communities
  • Local handicrafts
  • Canoe trips into the flooded forest
  • Jungle trails in dry season
  • Boat trip to Lake Mamiraua
Pousada Starpoints
  • Location in the heart of the Mamiraua reserve, in the heart of the Amazon jungle
  • The ecotourism project itself, where the pousada exists in harmony with its surroundings and the local communities
  • Peace and tranquillity which comes with lack of contact with the outside world 

Try a different place if...

you want conventional luxury or contact with the outside world, or if you don’t like small boats and canoes!



Prices from
R$ 792,00
(2 adults, including full board + activities)

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