Pousada Dona Ziláh, São Paulo, São Paulo

"charming, well located pousada in the Jardins area of São Paulo"

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Nearest Airport: São Paulo - 36 kms
Trip Style: History + Culture
Pousada Facilities: 14 bedrooms
supports sustainable tourism, supports community projects, restaurant, wi-fi, events room, bi-lingual receptionists
Language(s): Spanish, Portuguese, English
Recommended attractions: churches
Ideal for: solo travellers, friends sharing, families, couples
Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard , Diners, Cash, AMEX
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Note: Where pousadas are off the beaten track, Google maps only show the nearest town, and are not an accurate guide to location.

Pousada Starpoints
  • location right in the centre of the city, but only half an hour from the bus station and 45 minutes from Congonhas airport
  • lovely restaurant, bar and place to work
  • wi-fi throughout
  • library where you can swap paperbacks

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