Comments About Pousada da Amendoeira | Praia do Toque

A pousada é excelente. Um clima aconchegante e descontraido sem deixar de se preocupar com a qualidade. Super recomendo
Ana Paula Barros - Uberaba | Brasil

It was more then a pleasure to stay at da Amendoeira,they have surounded by beauty ;one of a very good professional team working and beeing always looking for our rest intention days of city. The place it is magically and very discretely managed,we are very thankfull to had that days over there reminding us that we can work and mantain the nature around as beautifull as it was when first "conquered" by "civilization" participating as they do activily,in social programs of sustainable development in paradise...
elisa and rohny - resende | brazil

Dear Alison, We wanted to thank you soooo much for your recommendations on the site. We just returned from our second stay at Pousada da Amendoeira in Sao Miguel, and somehow, it was even more enjoyable than last time.
Alan Klein - Port Elizabeth | South Africa

Pousada Da Amendoeira is heaven on earth. Many times in my life i have been to places that i wanted to go back home and write a good review on them. but then i went home and forgot all about it. this time i said to myself i wont forgive myself for not writing. Pousada Da Amendoeira is the essence of home away from home. Jess & Tzachi (the owners) care for the guests like they're family and they treat their employees as family as well.The kitchen can easily get a Michelin star and the rooms are at the same level as a hotel luxury suites. this combination assures an unbelieveble , unforgettable and totally enjoyable vacation. Me and my wife where there for our honeymoon and we will definitely return with our kid or kids.
Ron - Tel Aviv | Israel

Estuvimos 5 noches en la pousada y nos arrepentimos: equípo fantástico, muy amable, instalación con muchos detalles, silencioso, se escucha el barrullho del mar. El mar en frente es fantástico, varía con las mareas, con marea baja se puede llegar a las piscinas, con mar alta se puede nadir bien, e muy buena cocina!!!! ¿Vale la pena!
M. Bär - Caacupe | Paraguay

I was visiting this pousada and had the time of my life, the atmosphere, the food the crew all together was like 6 days in heaven Warmly recomended by me Eran
Eran - Las vegas | USA

Me and my future wife went traveling for 3 weeks around Brasil. We came back with a lot of memories, but we both agreed that our 4 days in Pousada da Amendoeira were the best days of our trip! The Praia do toque (the beach) is unbelievable!! The water is crystal, and you feel no one has ever stepped on some spots of that beautiful sand before. You really fell on paradise. No doubt the most beautiful beach we both have ever been. And the Pousada… is so sweet!! You can feel the nature in every corner and still very sophisticated. The Bungalows are very pamper and you easy see a lot of thinking were given to every small detail. The owners are a lovely couple, the workers always smiling and the foooood… hummmm the food.. it's nothing less than you could expect of any good chef restaurant in any big city. Brasil is huge and lots of places to see. But no doubt we will have to come spend a few more days in this amazing spot very soon again. Thank u for making our trip so special!!
Joe Rauchfleish - Hong Kong | Hong Kong

Me and my wife went for two weeks there with ours two kids, a 4 years-old boy and a 4 months baby...and we all had incredible days over there. The calm and crear blue sea, the white send, the soft wind...and the people: everything was perfect for us to relax and get some time to be a couple again, and also for the kids, free to walk and swin all days long...
Bruno Weis - Sao Paulo | Brazil

The most amazing place to enjoy a holiday or honeymoon.... The Pousada is in Sao Miguel dos Milagres in the state of Alagoas in Brazil. It's owned by a lovely Jewish Brazillian couple and its just amazing. The place has its own private beach, the best and most unique food I've ever tasted, and they treat you like a king. Just sit on the deck overlooking the sea, press the little bell beside you, and Jil, the Pousada's waiter will be right there in a couple of minutes to bring you whatever you want - my reccomendation, a tasty Nevada Abacaxi as an afternoon drink, and at dessert - don't even think of passing on the Devil's cake
dan eric - Boston | usa