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Yandê Institute: preserving the environment and community in Alagoas

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Yande Institute, Pousada da Amendoeira, Alagoas, Brazil

“Iandê” in Tupi-Guarani  means “us” and the Y in place of I means “A great us”, an immense collective body with the desire to grow in harmony with the environment they live. The Yandê Institute has been set up to enhance the Education, Culture and Environment of the people living in São Miguel dos Milagres and Porto de Pedras, Alagoas.

Praia do Toque, Alagoas, Brazil

Founded in 2012 by Tsachi & Jessy owners of Pousada da Amendoeira in collaboration with local residents, businesses, educators and environmentalists, the goal of the Yandê institute is to develop projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the Alagoas region. The municipals along the Costa dos Corais have strong tourist appeal, but still has challenges related to health, education, training and income generation for the local population, as well as the preservation and inspection of nature.

Reading, Writing courses at Yande institute, Alagoas, Pousada da Amendoeira

Tsachi tells us that in order to address this, the Yandê Institute has developed short courses for young people and adults who wish to enter higher education, as well as Yande Institute, Alagoas, BRazilcreated digital inclusion courses and free computer classes for the local community to access information through technology. Reading, writing and storytelling workshops aim to encourage young people to find pleasure in reading and creative expression. Educators explore children’s books and get students to tell their own stories and hand make books made out of cloth, using illustration and stitching techniques.

Yande Institute, Alagoas, BrazilPreserving the environment is at the heart of Yandê’s initiatives and the NGO’s Green City movement aims to do this by engaging in different social activists in the three municipalities. The project develops environmental film screenings, lectures, group projects for cleaning beaches and mangroves, as well as training of environmental educators and public debate.

Peixe-Boi, Alagoas, Pousada da Amendoeira

Alagoas is famed for its Peixe-Boi (Sea Cows), marine mammals, which iPexei-Boi designers, Alagoas, Pousada da Amendoeira, Brazilnhabit the shallow coastal waters. The Yandê Institute have set up the Peixe-Boi and Art project, which is held at the headquarters of the Institute. Artisans Fatima, Lene and Branca make beautiful Peixe-Boi souvenirs for locals and visitors to buy in support of the cause.

At Hidden Pousadas Brazil it is important to us that pousadas play a part in supporting sustainable tourism in their local communities. We want the beautiful beaches, wildlife and people of Alagoas to be here for many more years to come!

For further information on The Yandê Institute or to make donations send an email to Pousada da Amendoeira on

For further information on Brazil Travel & Pousadas visit Hidden Pousadas Brazil

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  1. This is great! Exactly the kind of place I love to see and hear about, and one day visit!

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