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How to get from Rio airport to Zona Sul of Rio de Janeiro

10 de November de 2015 | By | Reply More
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

View along Ipanema and Leblon beaches in the Zona Sul of Rio de Janeiro

There are several options for getting from Rio airport to Zona Sul (Ipanema, Copacabana, Leblon, Flamengo, Botafogo, Jardim Botânico)

1) Executive airport limo
On arrival you’ll find desks of all the main companies in front of you just waiting to sell  you a ride into town.

Advantages: You can pay by credit card or opt for a discount for cash. They are reliable and f they get lost or get stuck in traffic there’s no extra to pay
Disadvantages: It’s more expensive than a normal taxi or bus (R$130,00 to Leblon if paying by credit card; R$110,00 cash)

2) Taxi comum or “normal taxi”
These are yellow taxis which you’ll find on exiting the airport and they charge you what is on the taximeter plus sometimes a couple of extra reais for each bag. It should normally be Bandeira 1 rate during the day and Bandeira 2 rate after 8pm and at weekends/holidays. You’re not expected to give a tip but people normal round it up to the next real. No-one uses coins.

Advantages: Cheaper than airport limo
Disadvantages: You pay more if you get stuck in traffic or if the driver gets lost!

Note 1: Depending on which terminal you come into you may find a taxi counter where you can pay by credit card for bit more. Normal price with normal traffic around R$65,00 to Leblon; R$75,00 pre-paid  at taxi countercounter 
Note 2: Your return to GIG international  airport will only cost you a set fee of R$50,00 if you call Aerotaxi direct( tel:24671500) . Definitely worth doing.

3) Airport Bus
There is an airport bus, line 2018, which now runs every 20 minutes or so between 05.30 and 23.00  and goes as far as Alvorada in Barra da Tijuca. The route takes in  the bus station, Santos Dumont airport, Gloria, Flamengo, Botafogo, Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon.

Advantages: Clean, comfortable and cheap- R$14.65. Also very scenic!
Disadvantages:It takes forever. Even in reasonable traffic it takes 30 minutes to get to the bus station, a further 30mins to get to Santos Dumont airport, another half hour to Copacabana and another half hour to Leblon

Note: The bus is fine when you’re not in a hurry and don’t have a flight to catch. It is well worth getting an airport taxi like Aerotaxi ( tel:24671500)  at R$50,00 for your return to the airport. (see note 2 above)

4) Pousada organised airport transfer
All pousadas in Rio will be able to send a car to the airport to pick you up and this is specially recommended if you are going to any pousadas outside Ipanema, Copacabana, Leblon. Prices range from R$120,00 to R$200,00.

Advantages: Peace of mind and speed on arrival. You don’t have to think; you just get in the car and arrive!
Disadvantges: A lot more expensive than doing it yourself.

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