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When is the best time to visit pousadas in Bahia in 2016?

23 de October de 2015 | By | Reply More

Boats on the shore in Boipeba, Bahia

Q. I’m going to be writing a series of articles on amazing, affordable pousadas in Bahia for a leading UK paper and am wondering when would be the best time to come, considering weather, availability and cost. I hope Hidden Pousadas Brazil can help!
LT, London, UK
A. Hi there,


I’ll give you a call when I’m next in London to see what it is you you are planning to do and where we can help. You will have much better options for accommodation from March, which is after carnival and when Jan/Feb high season finishes.
Other months to avoid apart from January and February:
  • June: when many of the pousadas close due to rainy season
  • July: when there are school holidays/less availability
  • August/September: because of Olympics and Paralympics. While these events are only in Rio, flights are likely to be more difficult and more expensive
  • November: as there are two long holiday weekends around 2nd and 15th.
So, in summary, March, April, May or October would be best months to aim for.
Do get in touch if you need anything else,



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