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How to get to Boipeba Island, Bahia

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Updated August 14 2015 with new information on flights from Rio and Belo Horizonte to Valença

Boipeba, Bahia, Brazil

Boipeba, Bahia, Brazil




By Ferry/Bus/Boat: First take the ferry (pronounced “fehi bowchy” ) from the São Joaquim terminal in Salvador to Bom Despacho on Itaparica island. Boats run hourly during the day and take 45-50 minutes. Cost is around R$5,00. You will exit the ferry into the bus station where you can get a ticket to Valença with Cidade Sol bus company. This costs around R$ 38 and the trip takes about 2 hours. From Valença take a short R$15,00 taxi ride to the ‘cais’ or port where you can choose between  a 1 hour fast boat to Boipeba or a bus and boat option which is cheaper but takes around 3 hours in total.

Boipeba, Bahia, Brazil

On the island the majority of pousadas are in and around the village of Velha Boipeba where the boats come in, which is where Pousada Santa Clara is located. If you are trying to get to Casa Bobô in Monte Alegre or Pousada A Mangueira in Morerê you will need to get the tractor (15 minute walk from the quay) . An alternative for Morerê is to organise a boat transfer in advance directly with the pousada. Present cost  (2013) R$70,00.




1) Boats from Valença to Boipeba run every couple of hours during the day but timetables change frequently and it is practically impossible to find up to date information online, let alone in English. Best to contact your pousada in advance to check the latest situation.

2)There are wheelbarrow baggage handlers who meet the boats and will help you negotiate the dirt/sand path to your pousada if staying in or around Velha Boipeba; if you are getting the tractor to Morerê or Monte Alegre you will definitely need one of these, not least to find out where the tractor stop is!

3) For a good map on the travel route see



There are now flights with AZUL airlines  from Confins airport in Belo Horizonte to Valença on Sundays (until end August 2015) and Saturdays thereafter, leaving Confins at 11.15 and arriving Valença at 12.30. The return is the same day of the week leaving Valença  at 13.30 and arriving in Belo Horizonte (Confins airport) at  15.06.

Unfortunately connections between Belo Horizonte and  Rio de Janeiro are not the best. If you stick with Azul you have to change planes and the connection times are either risky or inconvenient (45 minutes or nearly 6 hours) Plus  the flights can be very expensive. It may well be a good idea and cheaper  to get separate flights with a different company  between Rio and Belo Horizonte .

Special note: If you are taking a separate flight with a different company make sure your flight out of Rio is from the international airport (GIG) rather than the local airport (SDU) as the latter frequently closes if cloud is low or it is raining a lot!  You’ve basically had it if you miss the connection in Belo as the flights from there to Valença only go once a week!!

Find pousadas in Boipeba, Bahia

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