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How to get to Alter do Chão from Belem or Manaus

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Alter do Chao

Ilha do Amor in Alter do Chão

To get to the hidden paradise of Alter do Chão (photo above) from Belem or Manaus one way or another you’re going to have to go through Santarém, which is located 38kms to the north where the Tapajós river joins the Amazon.
There are only 2 options to get to SANTARÉM – fly or take the boat
GOL, TAM and AZUL have regular daily flights between Belem / Manaus and Santarém and they don’t cost a fortune if you buy well in advance. Flight time from both Belem and Manaus to Santarém is just over an hour.
TIP: Flight times tend to be better flying westwards so try to organise your trip going Belém, Santarém, Manaus rather than the other way round.



    • Cabin R$ 200,00;
    • Shared hammock space R$ 120,00;
    • Hammock with air-conditioning R$ 150,00.

Tel.: 91-3241-8624 / 91-3212-6244



    • Cabin R$ 125,00;
    • Shared hammock space R$ 75,00;
    • Hammock with air-conditioning R$ 85,00.

Boats that do the whole trip Manaus/Belem:

Ana Beatriz IV – 92 9149-8860 | (92) 9112-1014 | 93 3522-6061

São Bartolomeu – 93 9145-9252 | 93 9975-2452

Luiz Afonso – 93 9143-0837 | 92 9292-7604

Cisne Branco – 91 3224-1225

By bus: 
From the bus station in Santarém there are irregular buses to Alter do Chão for a few reais which run from 05.30 until late evening.
From the airport you’ll have to get a bus back into Santarém city and then a bus out again as there is no public transport from the airport to Alter do Chão.
By taxi:
The pousada can organise a transfer for you or you can call / message Sr. Deco on (93) 991326160. Cost is between R$80,00 and  R$90,00 or R$120,00 if you do it through the Hotel BeloAlter!
Most of the pousadas in Alter do Chão are clustered around the town square which is right where you get the view in the photo above; other accommodation like the Hotel BeloAlter is further out but everything is easy walking distance, and it is safe to walk even at night in the dark.
Read all about why you should visit Alter do Chão, Brazil.
For further information on Brazil Travel & Pousadas visit Hidden Pousadas Brazil
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