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Hidden Paradise

Hidden Paradise Brazil, Hidden Pousadas Brazil


Brazil is an huge country with vast landscapes, diverse eco-systems and cultures and this means there is plenty to explore. ‘Hidden Paradise Brazil’ has been created to highlight some of the most beautiful destinations that are slightly lesser known to foreign travellers and don’t quite get the same profile as Brazil’s most popular tourist destinations such as Rio de Janeiro, Saõ Paulo, Salvador and Iguaçu Falls.

When we talk about paradise, we mean destinations of simple, natural beauty away from mass tourism: islands and peninsulas with deserted beaches, natural swimming pools and coral reefs. Rainforest and jungle reserves with mountains, waterfalls and stunning wildlife, and of course, uniquely beautiful places to stay.

Our hidden paradises are off the beaten track and require quite a bit of travel to get there, so we have created this content to provide you with some of the necessary information and tips to plan your trip, where to visit, how to get there, and where to stay.

Getting to paradise is never easy, but it is most certainly worth it when you arrive!


Explore hidden paradise by state: 

Alagoas – Where to visit & stay?

Bahia – Where to visit & stay?

Mato Grosso – Where to visit & stay?

Mato Grosso do Sul – Where to visit & stay?

Minas Gerais – Where to visit & stay?

Rio de Janeiro – Where to visit & stay?

Saõ Paulo – Where to visit & stay?



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