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Family travel to Olinda, Porto de Galinhas & Pantanal

21 de June de 2013 | By | Reply More

Pousada do Rio Mutum, Pantanal North, Mato Grosso , Brazil

Q. “Hi Alison,

I clicked around your website and blog.  Super aggregation of information! I would like to get your views on safety and pousadas for the following itinerary, because on the Internet it is difficult to know if this is a realistic view on the ground.  The trip would be for two adults and two children (9 and 7) in July/August.  We would keep our holiday simple, we won’t be going out late at night to bars, clubs etc, just family activities.

We will be going from the US to Recife, spending 3 nights in Olinda, 6 nights in Porto de Galinhas, then flying to Cuiaba (Recife-Brasilia-Cuiaba) for 6 nights at Pantanal lodge before returning home.



A. Hi there,

I can’t see that there would be any particular problems with safety based on your itinerary. Just a couple of comments:

1) We don’t have any recommended pousadas in Olinda or Porto de Galinhas, but probably the best one for families in Olinda would be the Hotel 7 Colinas.


2) Re the Pantanal lodges, 3 days is usually enough to do all the trips provided, so you might want to consider going to 2 lodges in Mato Grosso. Pousada Araras Eco-lodge offers more land based activities, and Pousada do Rio Mutum more river based activities- a perfect combination in different parts of the same state.


Let me know if you need more help or advice.




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