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Corumbau, Bahia 3 of 5 offbeat destinations in Brazil that won’t be so hidden in 2014

3 de February de 2014 | By More
Corumbau, Bahia, Brazil

Corumbau, Bahia, Brazil

Corumbau is a small fishing village (population 400) with a huge long sandy beach, situated in the south of Bahia, Brazil. I first discovered  Corumbau 4 years ago when I was staying  in Cumuruxatiba and I took a boat trip up the coast. We stopped there for an agua de coco. Back then I’m not sure they even had electricity and it was pretty well cut off from everything. I finally got to stay there a couple of years ago when I went to review Martine’s ‘Loin de Tout Guesthouse‘ for Hidden Pousadas Brazil.

Fishing boats in Corumbau, Bahia, Brazil

Fishing boats in Corumbau, Bahia

What we think?

Corumbau is one of the most hidden of all the destinations we showcase and for that reason one of the most unspoilt. Just a small traditional village with colourful fishing boats, miles and miles of beach and endless turquoise sea.

Loin de Tout Guesthouse, Corumbau, Bahia, Brazil

Loin de Tout Guesthouse, Corumbau, Bahia

Where to stay?

There are a couple of really high end pousadas in Corumbau where guests arrive by helicopter, and generally don’t venture out into the village. We prefer Martine’s pousada- the Loin de Tout Guesthouse which has 3 beautifully designed suites plus open lounge and small restaurant overlooking the sea. Martine is really involved in the community and her latest project to train up a group of young drummers and bring them to Rio (36 hours by bus!)  to play with the Portela samba school  is just the latest success in a stream of projects helping the local people.

Small fishing village of Corumbau, Bahia

Small fishing village of Corumbau, Bahia

Where is this place?

As the name of ‘Loin de Tut(‘far from everything’ in French)  suggests, Corumbau is a million miles away from nowhere. The nearest town of any size is Itamaraju on the main north/south highway BR101. Otherwise you have Cumuruxatiba in the south or Caraiva island in the north, not quite as small as Corumbau, and with many more pousadas, but still pretty unspoilt.

Corumbau, Prado, Bahia, Brazil

Corumbau, Prado, Bahia

How to get there?

Buses run only once a day in each diretion itamaraju/Corumbau. If you don’t arrive at the right time, you can get your pousada to arrange a taxi for you from the bus station in Itamaraju, but it’s best to organise this in advance as celphone coverage in Corumbau is iffy at best. Access is also possible by boat from Caraiva or Cumuruxatiba but this needs to be organised/negotiated in person once there.

Corumbau, Bahia, Brazil

Chill out by the beach in Corumbau, Bahia

What to do?

  • Chill on the beach
  • Visit the village
  • Get a boat across to Caraiva and the indigenous reservation, and then chill out again.
  • There are a couple of local restaurants and bars in Corumbau but no nightlife to speak of! We love it!


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