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Brazil is an amazing country and destination for all styles of travel and traveller. If you have never been to Brazil before it is difficult to know where to begin planning your trip, and even the most seasoned of Brazil travellers need ideas and recommendations. A good starting point is discovering where to go and that will lead you to some great accommodation options.

There are loads of guide books out there, but there is nothing like travel advice from a Brazil local!

Alison with Hidden Pousadas Brazil in Boipeba, Bahia, BrazilAlison McGowan has spent over 30 years living and travelling around Brazil, discovering off the beaten track destinations and uniquely beautiful places to stay, otherwise known as Pousadas. After receiving hundreds of emails from independent travellers wanting advice on visiting Brazil, we decided to start the Brazil Travel Advice Clinic to share some of those frequently asked queries.



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For further information on Brazil Travel & Pousadas visit Hidden Pousadas Brazil


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